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bcmom's kitchen

Friday, October 29, 2010

Forever Bags

I grabbed some Forever Bags at Menards a couple weeks ago.  They were free after rebate, so I thought it was the perfect time to try them.  The first thing I tried was bananas.

I had 6 bananas in one bunch, so I put 3 of them in one of the bags and left the other 3 out on the counter.  After 5 days, my bananas looked like this:

So, there was definitely a difference. Unfortunately, I stopped paying close attention after that.  I left the bananas in the bag for several more days, and then I noticed that they were turning a little brown - and they were soft.  They weren't as brown as the bananas that weren't in the bag, but they were just about as soft - so I'm not really sure the bag made much of a difference really.

It wasn't a huge problem. I just made some banana muffins.

I'm really interested in seeing how these bags work on other things.  Right now I have some bell peppers in one and some chard in another one.  We'll see how well things keep.


Laura Jacoby

I have those bags. I don't like using them as the produce needs to be kept dry. Which means that you have to A) change the bags daily or B) change the absorbent cloth you put in the bag with your produce. While the idea of the bags is to make produce last longer, I sometimes wonder what it does to the food itself. Produce was not meant to last indefinitely. The Europeans have it correct, buy produce, in season, and either daily or every other day.


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