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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Raspberry Swirl Bread

I stumbled across this recipe for raspberry rolls with cream cheese icing a while back, and I started thinking about how I could make some raspberry rolls.  I had some frozen raspberries, so I figured I'd make my own  raspberry filling recipe and use my regular cinnamon roll dough.  That ought to work, right? 

Except that I didn't know how much 1/2 a tube of raspberry filling was (as called for in the roll recipe), and I didn't know how impossible it would be to roll the dough and cut it into rolls when I used all my filling.  So, I improvised and made Raspberry Swirl Bread instead of raspberry rolls.

The first time I made this, I didn't bake it long enough.  I was meaning to bake rolls, so I followed my cinnamon roll recipe and baked it 25 minutes like that recipe said.  The bread was nicely browned.  It looked good and smelled good, but the next morning when I cut into it, I found that it was all doughy inside..  I ended up slicing it and baking it again - so it got all toasty.  It was good, but not exactly right.  It didn't go to waste, but I had to try it again.  Covering it with foil for the first 30-35 minutes of baking keeps it from getting too brown while it bakes.   This time it turned out beautifully.  Such a great combination of sweet dough, raspberries, and gooey icing.  Really yummy.

Even Weasley had to check it out!

Next time I'm thinking about trying to lay one rectangle of dough on the bottom of the baking dish then spreading the filling on top, adding some pieces of cream cheese, and then topping with the other rectangle of dough.  And cut slits in the top before baking.

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