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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Puffed Oven Pancake with Banana Sauce

I made this for breakfast Saturday morning. It was yummy! But so rich.

Like I said, this was very good but very, very rich.  I want to try it again but cut down the butter and only use 1/2 of what it calls for.  Also, I think I could use a teaspoon of vanilla instead of the rum.  (I used spiced rum)  Yes, the rum was good, but it seems to be more of a dessert than a breakfast.  The original recipe said you could use 2 T of apple juice, but I didn't notice that until now.  Of course, I didn't have any apple juice.  I wonder how orange/pineapple juice would have worked?  I may just try that next time!

This made a lot of sauce, probably enough for two pancakes.  I poured all of the sauce onto the uncut pancake for picture purposes, but next time I'll just cut and serve the pancake and let everybody spoon the banana sauce on top.  And, yes, this sauce would be good on other things, like waffles and pancakes.  And ice cream.

I used my regular recipe for the Puffed Oven Pancake, which is pretty much the same as the Better Homes & Gardens recipe, just with one less egg and less flour, mostly because I wanted to bake it in my cast iron skillet, which is a 10-inch and not a 12-inch. 

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