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bcmom's kitchen

Thursday, December 11, 2008

No Dried Cranberries for Me

Dried CranberriesImage via WikipediaI tried drying cranberries again. This time, I followed the directions I posted here. I poured the boiling water on my cranberries so the skins would pop. Most of them did, but I had to drain them and add more hot water a couple times to get the rest to pop. Then I froze them on a baking sheet for a couple hours, turned my oven on to 350°, put the cranberries into the oven, turned it off and went to bed. The next morning I had - cold cranberries. I don't think they did anything but sit there.

So, I took all the cranberries off the baking sheet and put them into my dehydrator, plugged it in and let them go - way longer than the 16 or 18 hours. Some dried, too much, and got crunchy, but most of them did not or they only partially dried. Good thing I know where to find good dried cranberries, since I'm having no luck drying my own!

So, I gave up and used most of them in a recipe which I will be posting next - so come back for that. And if you're interested in learning why these cranberries are so important to me, you can read my Heads or Tails post.

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